Nitro Auto Transport Services

Nitro Auto Transport offers a wide variety of services to allow your vehicle to be transported anywhere in the world quickly and at affordable prices. We offer services for those shipping cars, trucks, boats, RVs, ATVs, motorcycles, and more!


If you don’t see a service below, it is likely that we still offer it. Please call for more information!



Open Carrier Auto Transport

open-carrierYou may have seen one of these trailers on the highway before. This is the most common way to transport vehicles long distances. Open carrier auto transport is affordable and fast, and allows your vehicle to be shipped long distances. Many of our clients that opt to ship their vehicles via open carrier are low-mid range dealerships, auction houses, restorers, and personal clients. Open transport is recommended for vehicles that are in the low to mid price range, as damage caused by the elements, although very rare, may occur to vehicles on an open carrier.


Enclosed Carrier Auto Transport

Enclosed Carrier Auto Transport is the most suitable option for those looking to ship high-end vehicles that must boat-shippingarrive to their destination in pristine condition. Although enclosed carriers will run you at a higher price, it is not worth risking any damage, even the slightest paint chips, that could occur on an open carrier. Many of our clients use this method to ship exotic, classic, super, or otherwise expensive cars and vehicles. Enclosed transport ensures a safer and damage free transportation process.


Boat Shipping

We ship boats. Any kind of boat, any size. If you’ve got a small fishing boat that needs to be moved to your summer home or a large yacht that must be transported to a marina, we’ve got you covered. Our boat transport rigs are high-tech to ensure that your boat is delivered safely to its location.


Motorcycle Shipping

motorcycle-shippingNeed to move your motorcycle a long way? We can help! Our motorcycle shipping rates are very competitive and will allow you to move your motorcycle either within the country or overseas without breaking the bank. We offer both open carrier and enclosed carrier options for motorcycle transport.


International Auto Transport

We can ship anything internationally. With over 40 ports around the world, getting your vehicle to its destination is easier than ever. Whether you’re shipping a boat, car, truck, motorcycle, RV, etc., we can make it happen. New York to Costa Rica, no problem! Australia to Italy, no problem! Anywhere you need to move your vehicle, we can take it, quickly and affordably. Note: there are various documents that must be completed to ship your vehicle internationally – we’ll be there every step of the way to help.